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What Do You Want To Do?

Imagine a scenario like this between a group of friends:
  "Hey man, What do you want to do today?"
  "I don't know. What do you want to do?"
  "How about this?"
  "Nah, how bout that?"
  "We do that all the time."
At some point everyone has experienced "that" conversation, and that is why we have decided to change the way "that" conversation ends.
  "How about we play 'What To Do?'!"
  "Great idea!"
Our book/card game provides you with a new innvoative way to explore Saint Louis. With over 128 unique places and multiple different ways to play, the only thing left is for you to decide "What To Do?"!
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KTRS- John Carney Show
Saint Louis Post Dispatch: Students make game out of enjoying St. Louis
UMSL Daily
When Nicholas O’Brien and Chris Rolwes finished creating “What to Do? St. Louis” for their technical writing class at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, that’s what they had — a handy guide in the shape of a game that helps folks find fun in the Gateway City.

Class assignment begun two years ago lives on as printed book and card game

The group project that Nicholas O’Brien and Chris Rolwes helped pull together for course credit in a technical writing class in the spring of 2015 has since morphed into a real-life publication aimed to help people explore St. Louis. (Photos by Evie Hemphill)

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For orders of ten or more copies or to let us know of a location we may have missed please email us at: whattodostl@gmail.com